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I have to get back to work.”The man who comes into counseling with this sort of mindset we will call Mr. This high-achieving specimen of masculinity is usually in some field requiring an excess of education or on-the-job training. She complains that he doesn’t seem to be very interested in what she thinks or feels. Of course he loves his Crazy Wife, he married her, didn’t he? Perfect often makes his Crazy Wife feel gaslighted. He doesn’t even like talking about vulnerabilities, and shuts down or problem solves when his wife brings up her own emotions.

He is successful in his career and receives a lot of positive feedback. She sometimes gets so “crazy” as to cry or scream, just to get a reaction from him. And he’s been the same guy all along, what does she want from him now? She thinks she must in fact be as insane as he thinks she is because she feels so out of control around him. A woman stuck in this type of dynamic is frequently struggling with low self-esteem from experiences in her own upbringing.

Yet, over time, both partners start to feel misunderstood by each other.

Perfect to admit some of his fears and vulnerabilities, ranging from earlier in childhood to now as an adult.Perfect acts increasingly perfect, never sharing any weakness or vulnerability of his own.He becomes even more detached over time, as he grows increasingly scared of how out of control his wife seems.Craft these cute creatures with felt, fabric, and buttons using our free templates.To make the stockings, print templates and cut all shapes out of corresponding felt and fabric.

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