Dating artifacts methods

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They used high-tech equipment and 3D modelling to look inside the balls and found that they consisted of what appeared to be tokens in a variety of geometric shapes.

They concluded that it was possible that the shapes conveyed numbers used in counting different types of products which were exchanged.

In late 2013, interesting fresh evidence dating back five and a half millennia was found, giving insights into the enigma of the Mesopotamian clay balls.

Through use of CT scanning to peer into the clay balls, the study came to a revealing conclusion that the balls may in fact illustrate the world’s “very first data storage system”.

One of the clay balls, now also referred to as ‘envelopes’, was shown to contain anomalies in that some of the tokens it contained had been prepared differently, first being wrapped in cloth before being put inside the ball and also having a bitumen-type liquid poured over them.Conclusive evidence of the existence of Noah’s Ark has eluded ark hunters since time immemorial.The Bible says the vessel made landfall on the “mountains of Ararat” in Turkey after 150 days in the water.After their discovery in the 1960s at Choga Mish site, Iran, the purpose of the 150 balls which were of varying size (from golf ball to baseball) initially confounded the finders and researchers alike.Being found in what had been an area of successful and civilized cities, it was proposed by many that they were some method of recording economic transactions.

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