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Doc tries to provoke him, inflicting minor wounds in one hand and both ears, but the Kid still will not fire. Furious, Pat calls Doc out, despite not having a chance.

Doc does not attempt to shoot his friend and is himself fatally wounded. After Doc is buried, Pat offers to give Billy their friend’s revolvers.

The supporting cast includes Jack Buetel, Thomas Mitchell, and Walter Huston.

Hughes also produced the film, while Howard Hawks served as an uncredited co-director.

This does not prevent Doc from trying to steal the horse back late that night, but Billy is waiting for him outside the barn.

Fortunately for Billy, while comparing the guns, he had inadvertently switched one of Doc’s for his. As he is riding away, Billy stops and looks back; an overjoyed Rio gets on his horse.

The Outlaw is a 1943 American Western film, directed by Howard Hughes and starring Jane Russell.

The rods were connected to the bra’s shoulder straps.

The arrangement allowed the breasts to be pulled upward and made it possible to move the shoulder straps away from the neck.

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