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It received backing from the socialist political clubs which sprang up throughout Paris which could bring protesters out into the streets of Paris to put pressure on the government.The revival of interest in Louis Blanc’s and Victor Considerant’s ideas on labour and organisation led to the multiple reprinting of their main works throughout 18 which are difficult to date precisely.At the end of the century he published his prognosis of the direction in which society was heading.In (1899) he still defended the free market in all its forms, with the only concession to his critics the admission that the private protection companies he had advocated 50 years previously might not be viable.The academic posts and editorships of the major journals were held by "new liberals" or by socialists who spurned the laissez-faire liberalism of the 19th century.The coming to power of politicians like Louis Blanc in the provisional Government between February and May 1848 suddenly gave the socialists an opportunity to create the new forms of labour organization which they had been promoting for nearly 10 years and this clearly shocked the economists.He was the leading representative of the laissez-faire school of classical liberalism in France in the second half of the 19th century and was still campaigning against protectionism, statism, militarism, colonialism, and socialism into his 90s on the eve of the First World War.

His liberalism was based upon the theory of natural rights (especially the right to property and individual liberty) and he advocated complete laissez-faire in economic policy and the ultra-minimal state in politics."Le Musée de la Monnaie de Paris, un espace muséal qui célèbre savoir-faire, tradition et modernité de la plus ancienne institution française" @parisladouce est venue au #11Conti pour visiter notre musée 😊 Son article est à lire juste ici 👇 bit.ly/2CZc Lq X pic.twitter.com/Zec Q3gvfv5 #Concours Noël approche !🎅🎄 Découvrez notre calendrier de Noël et tentez de gagner une pièce de 1000€ en or pur !However, Bastiat soon left the economists in Paris in order to campaign for election in his home Département of Les Landes, in which he was successful in the 23 April election.Once back in Paris he began writing a series of important anti-socialist pamphlets between May 1848 and July 1850 which the Guillaumin firm promoted as a set called the “Petits Pamphlets” which they published as separate booklets or sold as a set of twelve for 7 francs.

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