My little black book dating

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She does have a brief but intense relationship with Wren anyway, going as far as to lose her virginity to him.For a homework assignment for AP Economics, Spencer steals Melissa's old homework paper, which her teacher ends up placing into a nation-wide competition, and is eventually nominated for a Golden Orchid; she eventually wins the Golden Orchid, for which she feels guilty.She also notices that his younger sister Amelia accuses him of not liking shopping, something she finds dubious for a gay guy.They take Amelia shopping for a makeover, trying to soften Zach's sister, who is so unlike Zach in personality.The exchange is awkward as Spencer is guilty over the whole incident.

Witnessed the murder of Tabitha Clark Had Hanna plant drugs in her friend Kelsey's room in order to save herself.Spencer goes for a formal meet-the-family at a fancy restaurant, where she informally meets his son Zach, her future step-brother.She immediately takes a liking to him, but not to his younger sister Amelia, who seems to judge Spencer unfavorably, yet take to Melissa quite easily.Later on she discovers that her father had an affair with Courtney's, Alison's, and Jason's mother, Jessica Di Laurentis, and Alison and Courtney are her half-sisters.Note that Jason is not related to her or Melissa, since he is the only legitimate child of the Di Laurentises.

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