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Light strings, sounding almost as if they were the ones gasping for air, are set against the party music and Violetta’s triumphant aria, “Sempre libera! It is a strong musical expression of the freedom she craves.At the same time, we are uncertain how free she really is—how much autonomy can we have over our own lives?Under great pressure, Violetta finally gives way She tries to assure herself one last time of Alfredo's love, before leaving in secret.She leaves behind a letter telling Alfredo that she has left him and returned to her old existence in Paris.While Violetta has learned that money is all that counts in life, and that feelings cannot be relied on, she is moved.

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Det gikk så langt at en versjon til og med utspiller seg blant inuittene.After the party is over, she is ready for a new life with Alfredo. Violetta has completely broken from her Parisian friends and has moved back to the country with Alfredo.When Alfredo realises that Violetta is secretly selling her own property to finance their life together, he is ashamed, not wishing to be supported by a woman.Det virkelige forbildet for av Alexandre Dumas d.y., som han to år senere omarbeidet til et teaterstykke.Da Verdi hadde bestemt seg for å tonesette verket, var stoffet altså brennaktuelt.

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