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People seeking treatment for a range of mental health concerns may find some complementary or alternative treatment approaches to be helpful when these treatments are undertaken with the knowledge and support of a mental or medical health professional.

The branch of medical care referred to as complementary and alternative medicine has been in practice in some parts of the world, such as China and India and among the numerous tribes of the indigenous American peoples, for hundreds of years.

National surveys show nearly 69% of Americans use at least one form of CAM treatment in any given year.

"Integrative medicine," a term recently adopted by a number of government and educational organizations, is intended to emphasize the use of multiple therapy and treatment approaches in the achievement of optimal mind-body wellness and health, rather than suggest alternative approaches be used in the place of conventional medical treatments.

Neither the use of vitamin or mineral supplements nor the use of prayer for health reasons were included in these figures, though both numbers have been included in CAM expenditure figures in the past.

Additionally, although the above statistics represent overall CAM use and expenditures, people with diagnosed medical or mental health concerns tend to use CAM at higher rates than the general population.

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These traditional techniques may not necessarily be considered "complementary" or "alternative." century, medicine was considered a supplemental field, and many techniques now viewed as complementary or alternative were mainstream at that time.

Formal hospitals were rare, and most doctors practiced medicine part-time while satisfying other roles like judge, magistrate, farmer, or shop owner.

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