Strangers chat with philipino

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After 15 years with this Filipino women he doubled maybe even tripled his size.

She fed him extremely fatty greasy food until it killed him.

Most of the Filipino guys I knew around, I was related to or I thought of as family friends.

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They always say "Miss you", "love you", "mahal" , "I love you so much", I know this is all pretty obvious that they don't love you still any guy that believes they do is going to end up terribly hurt and broke. They will say they love you and want relationship, but it's a lie. They will make lies like: "I need to pay bills, tuition, medical, etc...I don't know exactly what happened but they got a call a few months prior to him dying and I guess they must have realized he hadn't long to live. I've visited the Philippines with my family, on my own,with my own family now. I am of Filipino background, but I don't have those attachments to the PI like some of kids I grew up with did or their parents do.We got the bad news one evening and the boys drove to Queensland for the funeral some time after that. My parents and my aunts and uncles, when they came to Canada, they lived like Canadians. I've chatted to many Pinas and my sister suggested I just go for nice plain girl.I tried to contact her again but she didn't come back online which seemed kinda strange.

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