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Working for the British Council offers you a unique opportunity to gain experience and develop skills in a modern, rapidly changing organisation with worldwide influence and impact.

Jobs with the British Council offer scope for versatility, initiative and creativity in a stimulating and supportive environment. Most vacant jobs are initially advertised internally and all staff are eligible to apply.

In the context of our work, child protection therefore means putting in all reasonable measures in our activity planning and work practices to protect children engaging in British Council activities from abuse.

We believe in establishing a child safe environment one that has a careful and thorough staff selection process, child friendly policies, clear guidelines and management systems in place.

Afraid, Babitha went to the quarters accompanied by her colleague Ashok.

Manivannan threatened Ashok when he prevented the former misbehaving with Babitha, the complaint added.

The innocent women staff are also unknowingly falling prey to their plot," he added.

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