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I had to go tell him that I didn't match his score. It covered so many facets of difficulty growing up.And he whispered, "It's OK." What made the show so ahead of its time? Joss' voice was a big part to the success of the show. Within three weeks of the show there was a That shows how quickly it went into the zeitgeist. When you listen to Prince you have no idea what decade it's from. People have said there have been derivatives of Carpenter: We balanced special effects, fighting, drama, comedy all in one show. That really hasn't been done, memorably, since. Over the years, Buffy’s world went from one of good and evil where everything was black and white, to one that became much more about the grays in between.The show helped a lot of teenagers around that age because a lot of the characters weren't the perfect type. Greenwalt: Buffy was brash, funny, a little shallow and very heroic and determined.She lived with a single mother and was pressed with saving the world, but also trying to have a life. She was the one that was saving everyone, but at the same she was still dealing with issues that teenage girls deal with in a very personal way.By the way, I do a lot of my own stunts, and I'm doing the stunts with the stunt doubles for Buffy.There's three of them, they're multiple black belts and believe me they could kill us right here, right now, without breaking a sweat." And then he kept going on and on and I said, "How tall is Bruce Lee? The show also explored a lot of important subjects that weren't being addressed on television targeting younger viewers at the time.It was this dark burgundy red T-shirt that had witchy looking Aztec symbols on it with sparkles.

Fury: Joss saw that there was a need for this feminist heroine at the time.So to have had the opportunity to play a single mother struggling with raising her own daughter was something personally very close to my heart.My mother had to accept that I wasn’t going to have the life that she had envisioned for me, just as Joyce had to accept Buffy’s destiny and come to admire her strengths and her gifts.Often the men were defined by their relationship with the leading woman.Even at the end of the series, Buffy stands there with her friends, but she's also standing there alone.

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