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Her daughter Avery was the belle of the ball in her sleeveless lavender dress with a cut-out in the front.

Gold platform wedge heels added glamor for the event.'My daughter and I are very close and I wanted a big party for her,' Ramona told Daily 'At first it was going to be about 60 people but then we realized when we mix her friends and mine that is not possible.

The other night I made us a light dinner because we both want to lose five pounds. She loved it.' As far as her show real Housewives Of New York, Ramona said she had a 'great season' with a lot of 'ups and downs.'As far as fame, she said she has not gotten used to it: 'No, I will never get used to it.

But just as the two rivals finally found a way to bury the hatchet, drama between Singer and pal Sonja Morgan appeared to take off.

So we changed the list to 150.' She relied on good friend Kirk Basnight of Red Catering to throw the party.'This was the first party at my home where I was completely relaxed,' Ramona said. 'She added: 'He did all of it, I mean all of it, from the tents to the lights to the food, it was incredible. I am such a control freak that I usually don't let anyone throw my parties, I usually do the cooking and everything.'But with this size, with this many people, I let Kirk do it. People were going out for second and thirds for more to eat.' Hors d’ oeuvres were Crab Cake, Tuna Tartare in Cones, Mini Sliders, Pigs/Blanket and Lollipop Chix Wings.

'Because Kirk did everything and I trust him.'Kirk said over the summer, "Let me throw a party for Avery at my house, I will do everything." But then the party got too big. There was a Tomato, Corn & Avocado Salad as well as a Chopped Endive.

Singer at the fundraising event also told Us Weekly that she has rekindled her friendship with Zarin. He had a great sense of humor,' Singer said.'Me and Jill had a very heartfelt talk that lasted about 45 minutes. We're going to have each other's backs.'' Life has ebbs and flows, ups and downs. Zarin announced last November that her 71-year-old husband Bobby was undergoing treatment for brain tumors that developed as his thyroid cancer spread.

'Today is very emotional because I visited Jill and Bobby in the hospital as soon as I heard about his current condition. We're in a place, together, that we haven't been in ... Singer also said the reality show's cameras contributed to their rift. But I believe at the end of the day you've got to be there for someone. Bobby was hospitalized earlier this month after undergoing a procedure following a setback.

The Bravo beauty wore her blonde hair down in soft waves.

“Showing off and saying, ‘I have this guy and that guy’ doesn’t make us think she’s happy,” Morgan continued. And now you said you’re happy and you’re happy without Mario? You don’t go from getting banged every night to getting nothing.” “I was there. “I’m sorry — I don’t know why I keep picking on you and saying things.

It just gets worse and worse and worse and snowballs,” she said.

Jill Zarin has been receiving support from her former reality show nemesis Ramona Singer.

The 53-year-old past star of The Real Housewives Of New York City welcomed Singer, 60, and other Bravo housewives Saturday to her fifth annual Luxury Luncheon for thyroid cancer research in The Hamptons.

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